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Team Varenyum come to the aid of street animals

In these challenging times when humanity has been relentlessly battling a viral epidemic, some people have shown exemplary courage and selflessness in helping others. In a bid to fight the menace of COVID-19, a team of individuals dedicated to the cause of humanity have undertaken several relief initiatives. Sarva Dharma Samvaad and Varenyum have been helping the fellow underprivileged and needy people, by distributing cooked meals and ration packets.
Varenyum team distributing ration
Varenyum team distributing ration
Chief mentor Manu Singh has been helping people suffering from mental issues because of the lockdown by constantly providing psycho-spiritual counseling. One of his most noble initiatives is taking care of the stray animals on the streets. Now, these animals aren’t directly affected by the virus, but they depend us humans to provide them with food, water, and love – which have all been absent from their lives ever since the lockdown was put into place. This means that these are distressing times for them. Many animal welfare activists have expressed grave concerns over their plight, and believe that the scarcity of food could turn out to be a trigger for promoting competitiveness. This may lead to aggressive behaviour among the strays.
Many people have abandoned their sick pets amid the lockdown because they weren’t able to get access to regular treatment. Another unfortunate thing is that the stray animals are being ostracized because of the fear of contracting the COVID-19 infection. Health organizations have debunked this claim, however. This irrational fear is gripping people because of widespread misinformation.
“Animals not only require regular meals, water, medication, healing (in case of injury and illness) and care, but also, most importantly, they need our time and love – we must play with them and pat them, and caress them, as they too suffer the consequences of this forced isolation,” said Manu Singh, Chairman of Sarva Dharma Samvaad & Chief Mentor Varenyum.
He also states that when he began this endeavour with his friends, the strays (especially the dogs who depended on restaurants and other small food outlets for daily meals) were living in appalling conditions. He recounts that some of them were reduced to mere skeletons, while several others had maggot-infested wounds. He thus began taking care of these street animals. “The love these animals shower upon me, and the way they wait for me, and the look in their eyes is so heart-warming, it’s beyond words,” he added.
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