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Tata Steel’s CSR to touch 2 million lives by 2025

With its continuous focus on CSR activities, Tata Steel hopes to reach out to at least two million people annually and make a meaningful difference to their lives by the year 2025. In the 2019-20 financial year, the company has reached out to 1.4 million people living in and around its operational areas and made a positive impact on their lives.
Tata Steel’s signature CSR programmes are designed to create replicable, large-scale models to address the most pressing community challenges on areas such as education, healthcare, tribal identity and livelihood generation. Focused programmes on agriculture, water conservation, rural sports, nutrition and urban slum development are aimed at empowering local communities. The idea in the long term is to create a lasting impact on the communities.
Deep relationships with communities has enabled the Company to respond to the COVID – 19 pandemic wherein it has meaningfully and timely reached out to more than half-a-million lives across the country. The Company is also committed to co-creating scalable solutions for the communities it serves.
Tata Steel’s overarching vision of an equitable and enlightened society where every individual realises his or her potential with dignity guides the Company’s partnerships with, and services to, communities. Sometime back, the Company undertook an extensive exercise to understand the perception of communities it intends to serve over the next 10 years. The insights gathered helped the Company develop its long-term CSR strategy.
The rejuvenated CSR strategy was designed keeping three objectives in mind. First, to actualise change models to address core development gaps in Jharkhand and Odisha, while being replicable on a national scale. Second, to enable significant and lasting improvement of communities living in and around the Company’s operational areas through identified community development programmes. And three, to embed a societal perspective in key business decisions as an enabler to ensuring community interests. The new strategy has enabled the Company to make more focused interventions in identified domains for the larger benefit of communities.
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