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Spotlight Red: P&G Whisper and Unesco come together for menstrual health and hygiene management in India

New Delhi, India: P&G Whisper in partnership with UNESCO New Delhi, proudly announced Spotlight Red: the launch of five groundbreaking teaching-learning modules on 5...

Procter & Gamble India becomes ‘plastic waste neutral’

Procter & Gamble India today announced that it has become ‘plastic waste neutral’ in the past year (April 2021 – March 2022). P&G has collected, processed, and recycled over...
menstrual hygiene

Whisper pledges to educate 5 crore adolescent girls about menstrual hygiene in India by 2022

Whisper today pledged to reach out and extend the impact of its flagship ‘Mother Daughter Menstrual Health & Hygiene Program’ to 5 Crore girls by...
UN Women summit

UN Women and Procter & Gamble announce #WeSeeEqual commitment to gender equality

Co-hosted with UN Women, P&G’s first IMEA #WeSeeEqual Summit brought together business and government leaders, and influencers to share inspiration and surface insights around...

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