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Citizen Social Responsibility (CSR) – Crumbling Democratic structure and silent spectators

Whenever the Indian Parliament is set to be in session, there is debate over “Whether the Parliament session could be disrupted’’. Many a times,...

मंदी की मार, झेल रहा सीएसआर

घटता विकास दर, गिरती जीडीपी, महंगाई, बेरोजगारी ये तमाम मुद्दे है जिनसे सरकार और देश की जनता जूझ रही है, भले ही विपक्ष के...

Adopt A Village: Success Lies In Implementation

The village development model aims to cover all bases: finance from the adopting party, participation of the local authority and cooperation and education of the residents.

Talking Tough: MCA Recommends ‘Guidance Notes’ For wp Auditors

The biggest concern is whether companies will resort to loopholes in the Act to avoid wp spending. Some members of Parliament have expressed fear that the companies may adopt covert modalities to escape from the mandatory spend.

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