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CSR: IAS Officer’s Efforts to Remove Influence of Quacks

In a tribal district in Madhya Pradesh, toddlers are branded with hot iron rods to treat malnutrition. The tradition has been going on for...
school children

Joint fight against malnutrition in India

India has the most number of malnourished children in the world – 1 in every 3 children is malnourished. Out of 500 million children...
Malnutrition in Children cause AES

CSR Needs To Step In To Control AES Outbreak

More than 100 children lost their lives in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar because of the Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) outbreak. AES, more commonly referred...
Mid Day Meal

L&T MHPS Boilers extends CSR support to ISKCON Food Relief Foundation

ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, branded as Annamrita, has received support in form of food delivery vehicles from L&T MHPS Boilers. Five delivery vehicles were...

For some children, the mid day meal is their only meal: Dhananjay Krishna Das, Chairman (North India), Annamrita by ISKCON Food Relief Foundation

Despite having a food wastage ratio of 40%, India has the largest number of malnourished kids. ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, branded as Annamrita, is...
nutrition revolution

Time Ripe For Nutrition Revolution

India has been able to fight protein hunger and calorie hunger but now there is a need to fight hidden hunger. India’s focus needs...
Farmers in India

Fighting Malnutrition Among Farmers

Farmers are the nutrition providers of any nation. They are responsible for producing food for the entire nation. Ironically, they are also one of...

In conversation with Mrs Pankaja Munde and Mr. Jagannath Kumar at Reliance Nutrition Garden MOU Signing Event

Government of Maharashtra and Reliance Foundation has collaborated to minimise malnutrition in children through adoption of Reliance Nutrition Gardens. The partnership is aimed at...

Stunting Reduced In Chattisgarh By Government Efforts

Maharashtra being the centre of the CSR expenditure by companies, there are numerous states like Chattisgarh where no projects are being implemented.

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