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Wiley India - Prashasti Rastogi

Prashasti Rastogi, CSR & Diversity lead, Wiley India talks gender-inclusive workforces

For our ongoing series where we acquaint you with the #csrleaders of today, we spoke to Prashasti Rastogi who is currently the Director, Communications...

Importance of Female Board Representation

A new study published in the Harvard Business Review has said that the corporate boards that include women are more likely to exercise a beneficial, moderating...
Kochi metro staff

Trans inclusion in Kochi Metro, the ups and downs

Kochi Metro’s move to hire 23 trans people from the self help group Kudumbashree in housekeeping and ticketing earned national as well as international...
Women in Boards

CSR: Gender Diversity on Boards improve in India

The revised Companies Act, 2013 made it mandatory for all listed companies and other public limited firms to appoint at least one woman as...
gender diversity

CSR: Gender Diversity can be Productive in Business

Gender Diversity in the business world makes a company more productive, as measured by market value and revenue, according to research conducted by Harvard...
gender diverse company

Gender-Inclusive Companies Are More Socially Responsible

Companies and society win when business leaders are gender-inclusive. Researchers from Harvard Business School examined how corporate leadership and organizational structure influence CSR by utilizing...

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