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Flipkart electric vehicles

Flipkart rolls out nationwide electric mobility vision

Flipkart has announced nationwide plans to introduce Electric Vehicles (EVs) for its last mile deliveries. The announcement comes as a part of Flipkart’s sustainability...
electric mobility

Status of electric mobility in India

India’s electric vehicle industry is taking huge forward strides. The National Electric Mobility Mission Plan (NEMMP) 2020 was launched by the Central Government in...
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Swiggy delivers over 1.5 million orders a month on cycles, encourages electric vehicles

Two years ago, Swiggy took a leap towards sustainable development by encouraging more mechanical cycles for its fleet. The move also had the added...

India pushes for greater uptake of electric mobility

In the gold rush for global domination of the electric mobility market, India has thrown its hat into the ring. The Modi-led government announced last...

CSR: India to Subsidise sales of EVs

With rising pollution levels, the countries across the world are pushing for more sustainable solutions in order to reduce the carbon footprint from every...

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