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नोटबंदी के तीन साल पूरे, क्या हक़ीक़त क्या फ़साने

आज से ठीक तीन साल पहले पुरे देश में हड़कंप मच गया था, किसी ने सोचा भी नही था कि सरकार इतना बड़ा फैसला...

Empower Literacy Socially In A Digital World

To ensure the inclusion of rural areas and help them understand digital payments meetings at all levels such as branch offices, gram sabhas and gram panchayats so as to ensure they walk in sync with the rest of the nation in financial growth and literacy.

The Rising Need To Invest In Skill Development

The government has missed its targets of jobs creation and employment every year, due to increase in automation and inability to cope. CSR funds going into the sector of skill development are 5%.

Smartphones Without Internet: India’s Poor Digital Connectivity

The Modi government’s Digital India initiative was launched to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. e-Governance has spread across government operations, especially citizen centric activities.

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