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The Ultimate CSR Report of ICICI Securities

ICICI Securities is India’s leading integrated technology-based securities firm, offering holistic financial solutions and services to Indians seeking seamless access to the world of...

CSR arm of ICICI Group to donate 1800 oxygen concentrators to hospitals in the Himalayan belt and tribal areas

The CSR arm of ICICI Group, ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth, today announced that it has firmed up plans to donate 1,800 oxygen concentrators...

ICICI Securities extends CSR funding to IIT Kanpur for Mission Bharat O2 ICICI Securities has extended CSR funding to IIT Kanpur for Mission Bharat O2

The Startup Incubation and Innovation Centre (SIIC), IIT Kanpur, said it has raised CSR funding from ICICI Securities for Mission Bharat O2 (MBO2), to...

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