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Best out of waste: Abandoned bus turned into mini Material Collection Facility in Kerala

Setting an inspiring example of environmental conservation and embracing sustainability, an abandoned bus has been transformed into a mini Material Collection Facility in Perinthalmanna...

What is Karnataka Government’s Shakti scheme which offers free bus rides to women

The newly elected Congress government in Karnataka has recently launched ‘Shakti’ scheme for women which they had promised ahead of the polls. Shakti is...

मजदूरों की सारथी है यूपी की रोडवेज बसें, घर पहुंचा बिखेर रहीं है मुस्कान

लॉक डाउन के दरमियान दूसरे राज्यों से आ रहे मजदूरों के लिए अगर कोई सबसे मुफीद साधन बना है तो वह है उत्तर प्रदेश...

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