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Election Report Card cover

Election Report Card: Promises vs Achievements under ‘Nation First’

Election is a very important tool in democracy. It is through election that citizens of a nation choose their representatives and select their leaders....

Face-off Over Human Rights in Kashmir

Basic freedoms are at risk in Kashmir. The latest news on the human rights violations front there is that American lawmakers are expressing serious...

370 खत्म – अब कश्मीर में भी लहराएगा तिरंगा

टीवी की स्क्रीन जैसे ही चालू होती, एक बड़ा सवाल दिखाई देता कि कश्मीर में क्या होगा, कयासों के बाजार गर्म थे, डिबेट पर...

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