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CSR of Sunpower Renewables to empower women in over 100 villages through solar-powered electricity

It is estimated that around 30% of households live in energy poverty, which limits a woman’s access to education and economic opportunities while exposing them to health risks from a lack of access to clean cooking solutions with exposure to pollution from using wood, coal or charcoal for cooking and heating. This is a big concern and is highlighted by the United Nations as part of their Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).
This International Women’s Day, Sunpower Renewables plans to #breakthebias with its commitment to provide solar-powered electricity to over 10,000 homes in over 100 villages to ensure that women and girl children in India can be truly empowered to be ‘atma nirbhar’.

Through clean solar-based energy, the company aims to solve women’s core issues; be it in education or self-care and break the shackles of the past and help them emerge as custodians of their future.

Nitasha Badhwar, Co-founder, and Chief Strategy Officer, Sunpower Renewables commented, “Our societal purpose is to provide women access to continuous electricity through sustainable, renewable energy storage solutions. The United Nations’ Sustainable Energy For All emphasizes women empowerment at the micro-level through clean energy-driven economic opportunities. As a sustainability champion and advocate of “women-led” innovation, my mission is to create a clean, solar energy driven revolution for women globally.”

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