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New study reveals importance of CSR to UK employees in a post-Covid world

Qualtrics released a new study into corporate social responsibility and its impact on overall UK employee engagement. Learnings from the report include how CSR has become more important to employees since the start of 2020, the importance of consulting employees before launching an initiative, and the top 5 CSR initiatives employees would like their organisation to invest in.
The study examined more than 500 full-time employees in the UK to uncover the impact of COVID-19 on people’s attitudes towards CSR and their company’s position in the community.

Key takeaways from the study

– 59% of employees are more likely to be engaged at work if their company participates in corporate social responsibility and/or charity initiatives; an 11 point increase from 2020
– 49% of organisations launched a CSR initiative related to COVID-19 during 2020
– 72% of employees rated their company’s COVID-19 CSR initiatives ‘effective’
– 82% of employees who have the opportunity to take part in CSR initiatives consider themselves proud of their company
“Reducing carbon footprint” is the number 1 initiative UK employees would like their organisation to focus on
“2020 was the year many people started caring more about their employer’s reputation and its response to crises that affect society as a whole – whether it be COVID-19 or climate change,” said Sally Winston, Solutions Strategy EMEA. “But what the data tells us is that organisations that consult their employees on CSR – and allow them to get involved in any activities – are the ones that are more likely to see higher engagement and retention.”
Qualtrics EmployeeXM™ is used by organisations around the world to identify what their people need, and what actions they can take to improve the everyday experience to improve the bottom line. In 2020, Qualtrics EmployeeXM was recognised in “The Forrester New Wave™: EX Management Platforms for Large Enterprises” report as a leader in Employee Experience Management.

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