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Students Learn Valuable Lessons through CSR Activities

The world we live in has drastically changed in the past decade. In just the past few years, we have seen one after another catastrophe befall humanity. But this was also the time we saw people coming out to help each other, organizations doing everything in their power to come to the rescue of the ones who needed help. From individual to the whole group, each person has chipped in to make this world a little better during the tough times.
These tough times teach us the most important lessons of life – to be kind, generous, thankful, and helpful. But we should not be helpful only when the world is facing a major catastrophe. The problems still exist in our society. Problems like hunger, lack of education, unsanitary living conditions, and much more. We need to be actively working towards eradicating these problems and educating people. Corporate Social Responsibility, also abbreviated as CSR activities, provide a way to be socially responsible and work towards these causes and engage people of all age and gender. It not only helps in working towards and solving real issues but also teaches valuable lessons to the individuals working toward the cause.
Social responsibility is a powerful concept, and it is crucial that organizations adopt policies and practices to manage risks in relation to the activities they carry out. CSR has been shown to impact society and reduce environmental impacts positively. Several relevant stakeholders should be included in this process, from women and children to local communities and workers.
The education sector has started to focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for the betterment of society. Children engaged in CSR activities learn many lessons. For example, children learn about human rights issues and the importance of caring for others. Their mindset starts developing a global outlook. They also get to see first-hand how the environment is affected by their actions. As a result, children are more likely to make well-considered decisions later in life.
CSR activities, like community programs and fostering sustainable development, have a positive effect on the livelihoods of people. They can help by creating better living conditions and creating jobs. People who are engaged in these activities also have a greater sense of purpose and belonging and are more productive in all areas of their lives. In some cases, these activities can also offer protection from a natural disaster or other forms of deprivation or catastrophe.
Through community service initiatives, students learn important lessons such as the importance of listening to and respecting others. Community service helps them learn that the world around them is not divided into right and wrong, but into good and bad. It teaches them to respect the rights of all people, regardless of their race or ethnicity. And it nurtures a sense of social conscience in young people who can see where their property could be used for good or bad reasons.
To promote sustainable growth of the company and environment, educational institutions organize various CSR activities and also make children a part of them. Education helps in shaping the ethical values, attitudes, and beliefs of individuals towards social responsibility. Young minds can contribute to a better understanding of societal issues among their peers by taking part in such activities.
Through participation in CSR activities, one can understand that it is important not just to be active but also to ensure that you do something that you want to do, even if it is difficult. The activity also teaches how much information there is out there about certain issues and that as a team we can make a difference by using our knowledge and problem-solving skills to find solutions. As part of their CSR activities, a good way to gain exposure to core values and develop a solid understanding of social responsibility is by taking part in community service activities.
We often witness major brands run various campaigns as a part of their CSR initiatives. These campaigns are thoughtfully designed and executed. Most importantly, they address a certain issue and try to fix it through a creative solution that brings an impactful change in society and a smile to the faces of the individuals living in that society. When the world sees such efforts put in by the biggest brands it also allows the students to understand the importance of doing good for society. It helps them to develop a mindset that they must be a part of something important from an early age.
We are all doing our part to bring an impactful change in society through our CSR initiatives and we are also encouraging our learners to be a part of it as we strongly believe that a little bit of humility can always change the world.
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Ms. Prasad PardeshiMr Prasad Pardeshi is the Dean at RBK Educational Institution. He believes that while education is the most important at this time, the development of a good character is equally essential, if not more.