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Stray Happy Animal Foundation to host grooming and adoption camp for stray pups in Mumbai

Stray Happy Animal Foundation in collaboration with InOrbit Malad is organizing a grooming and adoption camp for Stray Puppies of Goregaon West at the parking lot of InOrbit Malad on Saturday 10th December 2022. This camp will start from 3pm and will continue till 7 to 8pm in the evening.
This is a first of this kind collaboration where an NGO working towards a better life for start is collaborating with a Mall to run such a camp.
Stray Happy Animal Foundation is a two year old registered NGO working towards betterment of strays in Western Suburbs of Mumbai. As a part of the camp we are also organizing kids from nearby schools and college to come as part of field trip and work with strays in the camp.
Dr. Madhavi Chaturvedi, Founder & Trustee, Stray Happy Animal Foundation shared, “It’s observed that there has been an increase in the number of pets in houses. But generally people prefer a fancy breed without realising how these animals are tortured to have litters by the breeders. Considering this, our motto is to discourage this breeding and free these foreign breeds from pain, and to ensure that every Indie pup has a forever loving home. I have also created feeding pipes to encourage people to feed them with outmost care and keeping the cleanliness and humans in mind.”
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