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Real estate developers CRC Group launch ‘Spirit of Noida’ CSR campaign

CRC Group, one of the real estate developers in Noida, has announced a Corporate Social Responsibility programme ‘Spirit of Noida’ today at Radisson Blu MBD Hotel, Noida.
The Group informed that it will focus on activities in the fields of education and healthcare apart from various other events as part of the CSR campaign. “At CRC, we have been involved in infrastructural development; however, we have always believed that it is not about developing buildings only but communities. Through ‘Spirit of Noida’ initiative, we are coming up with activities that would help in society’s growth and bring about a sense of responsibility for each other,” said Kunal Bhalla, Co-founder & CEO, CRC Group.
Noida has been expanding rapidly, thanks to the real estate development here, and this calls for an urgent development of a society that cares; the ‘Spirit of Noida’ will ensure that we have broad, open-minded, effective and empathetic citizens.
“We aim to reach our goal of integrating the society through blood donation camp, social events for under privileged children, health awareness drive for all age group, city cleanliness drive, sustainable tree plantation drive, support to senior home, helping the downtrodden in education, extending support in hospitals, etc. We want to bridge some of the social and economic gaps in society,” added Bhalla, Co-founder & CEO, CRC Group.
Spirit of Noida campaign will take shape through diverse social projects encompassing multiple sectors like Health & Wellness, Education, Sanitization, Women Empowerment, and Environment. Activities like blood donation camps, free vaccination camps, cleanliness drive across Noida & Delhi, Plantation drive, Books & stationery distribution, Carnival for under-privileged kids, bicycle distribution to school-going teenage girls, waste recycle initiative, adopt Hospital/ICU room for charitable causes, adopt a senior citizen wellness home and initiate health awareness activities.

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