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Senior citizens of Adhata Trust celebrate World Elders’ Day 2020 virtually

Adhata Trust, a Mumbai-based NGO focused on the psychosocial welfare of senior citizens, celebrated World Elders’ Day 2020 virtually. The online event saw performances by Adhata members to the theme of ‘Khushiyon ki Home Delivery’, as members and participants logged in and eagerly cheered each other.
The International Day of Older Persons is observed across the globe on October 1st each year. Adhata Trust doubled up on its efforts to ensure its senior citizen members remained well-connected to each other and actively engaged during the pandemic. It leveraged video-based activities and interactions to ensure the physical, social and mental health and wellbeing of its 500 members during the past six months.
Recognizing that many elderly citizens lack the necessary skills to stay connected through technology, they began by embarking on a digital literacy program for its members. The team leveraged daily tasks, voice notes and other online forms of instruction to help members become more comfortable with smartphone functionalities and video-based interactions.
Members were then able to quickly progress to participate in live online Zoom sessions and engage with each other; take up online paper and pen activities; and play online games for mental stimulation. The Trust also organized live sessions for its members with a physiotherapist and dance-movement therapist. Other live, virtual classes included special yoga for seniors, traditional Indian dance, Mandala art, special recipes, mask-making and kitchen gardening. Over the past six months, Adhata Trust has received member enrolment requests from as far away as Australia, UK and USA.
Commenting on the Trust’s efforts and initiatives during the pandemic, Founder Arun Nanda said, “The world over, senior citizens have been the worst-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic due to age-related comorbidities. The elderly often have to take the most aggressive self-isolation measures in order to remain safe during these unprecedented times; and the resulting loneliness and mental health issues require special attention. I am delighted to see how, notwithstanding the many challenges of Covid-19, our team has innovatively used technology to help its members stay connected and meaningfully engaged, while ensuring their health and safety.”
They conducted an intergenerational music show on 15th August to connect the youth with the elderly. It also collaborated with Mumbai First to organize the ‘Daan Festival’ during the Joy of Giving week from Oct 2nd to Oct 8th.
Adhata Trust currently has over 500 senior citizen members across 12 community centres in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane. Each year, the Trust celebrates World Elders’ Day to raise awareness about the growing population of the elderly in India, and their challenges and special needs. Through its various activities and initiatives, the trust aims to improve the lives of older people, thereby helping them regain their self-reliance and confidence.
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