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Self Defence Workshop for the LGBTQIA+ Communities

To be able to look after oneself – physically, intellectually and financially is an incredible feeling. A cis gendered, able-bodied, heterosexual person is often brave enough to defend him/herself in time of need. For them, physical care means regular exercise or staying fit, but many face the burden and need to be able to defend and protect themselves from others. With the increasing hate crimes against the marginalized LGBTQIA+ communities, self-defence has emerged as an important skill that needs to be taught.
Keshav Suri Foundation has decided to address this need and is conducting a free Self Defense Workshop for the LGBTQIA+ community, especially the Trans community on November 20 (11AM to 4PM). To mark the Trans Awareness Week and raise the visibility of transgender people and address issues members of the community face, the workshop will be conducted at Garima Greh – a shelter for trans women managed by Mitr Trust, to whom KSF has been associating for the last few months by providing donations, skill development and participating in celebrations together.


The foundation has collaborated with Nirbhau Naari Suraksha Foundation (NNSF) that has been working to train women and children self-defence since years. The founder of NNSF, certified Krav Maga instructor, Prabhsharan, will be imparting self-defense skills to the participants during the workshop.

“Human rights are based on the fact that all people are created equal and should be treated equally. Anything that diminishes human dignity is a violation of equality and allows discrimination to flourish. The LGBTQIA+ communities have been deeply marginalized, especially the trans community against whom the hate crimes have increased manifolds in the pandemic. Through this workshop, we are trying to empower those who need the protection and enable a positive change,” said Mr Keshav Suri, Founder, Keshav Suri Foundation. Suri has won several awards and recognition for his work to usher inclusion in the country. His name was announced in the prestigious Outstanding Lists 2021 as the Top 100 LGBT+ Executives worldwide, for the third time consecutively.

Since its launch in 2018, the foundation has skilled over 2000 queer folks through various programs at KSF, provided various opportunities to over 200 queer folks at The Lalit, given opportunities to more than 500 queer artists at Kitty Su and The Lalit. It has worked with diverse supply chains and supported over 100 CBOs and NGOs across country, helped over 50 Corporates in their D& I journey and provided food and essential supplies to over five million people during the pandemic.

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