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Development professionals get new perspectives at TISS

Second batch of Development Perspectives, Managements and Practices - TISS (AESDII- DPMP)
Second batch of Development Perspectives, Management and Practices - TISS (AESDII- DPMP)
The hallowed TISS campus on Deonar Farm Road in Mumbai saw a flurry of activity last week as senior and mid-career professionals from the non-profit and corporate social responsibility sectors immersed themselves in an intensive training programme titled ‘Development Perspectives, Management and Practice’.
This was the second batch of the 5-day certificate programme by TISS AESDII which brought together academicians, practitioners and thought leaders of various Departments and Faculties from across campuses of the globally acclaimed Tata Institute of Social Sciences and its affiliate institutions as master trainers.
These included Prof. Shalini Bharat (Director, TISS); Bhaskar Mitra (Associate Director, Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition); Dr. Sandhya Iyer (Chairperson, Centre for Public Policy, Habitat and Human Development, School of Development Studies, TISS); Rohan Sarma (Senior Fellow and Head, TISS AESDII); Shamim Modi (Chairperson, Centre for Law and Society, School of Law, Rights and Constitutional Governance, TISS); Dr Gordhan Saini (Centre for Human Resources Management and Labour Relations, School of Management and Labour Studies, TISS); M. P. Balamurugan (Deputy Registrar, Mumbai Campus, TISS) and a host of others.
The comprehensive schedule included takeaways for all partners. Participants were introduced to various pertinent topics, from social marketing to emotional intelligence for development professionals, Developing Matrices for Social Impact, Organizational Finance Management and strategies for fundraising and management of grant.
Said Irfan Shaikh from Ajmal Foundation which works extensively in northeast India, “I learnt how crucial it has become for non-profits to follow good governance, financial due diligence, and documentation are becoming for non-profits. People in NPOs tend to focus on the doing without realising the due diligence required especially with regard to funding from CSR.”
In world of disruptive technology, information and an increasingly aspiring society – inequalities are becoming further perceptible. Amidst such a milieu that is competitive and complex, the non-profit sector must be willing to adapt to this need for accountability while retaining the essence of their programmes and accountability to their core vision as well as stakeholders. “This programme is a step in that direction,” said DPMP course coordinator Rohan Sarma.
The CSR Journal was the official digital media partner for the event.