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Schbang for Good Foundation organised health camps on Children’s day

Schbang, the creative and technology company, is quietly but actively doing its bit to contribute to social impact. The foundation aims to serve the educational and technological revolution of India by empowering learners by creating a holistic learning environment and enabling opportunities. It also aims to identify and nurture talent in marginalised communities.
In an effort to deliver this vision, the foundation has developed long-term 360-degree school support programs in association with six schools in Maharashtra.
Schbang for Good Foundation recognises that challenges to quality education and skill development go beyond textbooks and infrastructure in marginalised communities. To address this challenge, the foundation also provides access to primary healthcare and sanitation to beneficiaries.
On the occasion of children’s day, Schbang for Good Foundation organised free health camps in Mumbai. Partnering with SRV Hospital, Goregaon, the foundation screened over 1,800 students, teaching faculties, school staff, and parents over seven days.
The health check-up included dental, eye, and basic ENT screening. Students will also get free OPD consultations post the health camps. The camps took place at Tawheed English High School, Holy Mother English high school, and Holy Star English high school in Mumbai’s Charkop and Malwani areas. The camps will continue till November 21st.
Schbang for Good Foundation is also working towards skill development in digital literacy, graphic designing, coding, and digital marketing. Through its Learning Centres, the Foundation will advance skill development to all of its supported schools in the marginalised communities of Malwani, Charkop, Vikhroli, and Badlapur as well as in rural reaches of Palghar and Alibaug impacting 3,500 + students. The initiati ves are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
On the foundation, Harshil Karia, Schbang said “Social change and development start with small but active initiatives and must be treated as everyone’s responsibility. Keeping in mind our goal to take India to the world, we recognize that talent in India does not only exist in Tier 1 cities. Thus, we are working towards creating opportunities for India’s youth in a manner that will convert talent and creativity into skills that can be utilised in the workforce. We are enabling this by providing essential education and focusing on skill development.”
Asitima, CSR Manager, Schbang said “India’s progress lies in the footholds of its ability to advance equal education opportunities. Any efforts towards Quality Education is naturally amplified by the virtue of sound, equitable and efficient learning environment. At Schbang for Good Foundation, we acknowledge the role of health care in a child’s ability to learn, and thus, through the addition of health camps in our school program, we want to create continual access to primary health care and we hope to advocate for better health in the communities.”



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