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Rugged Sahyadri Ultra Trail Race

Rugged Sahyadri Ultra Trail Race
The annual Rugged Sahyadri Ultra Trail Race is scheduled for 5th August this year. The total distance of the race is 50 km. However, this race also plans to give beginners a chance, so there will also be a shorter 10 km race from Panhala Fort. The race trail has been chosen from the historic location of Panhala Fort to Pawan Khind.
Apart from its historical connection, this trail is a beautiful one along the Western Ghats. The trail will cover muddy tracks, village backroads, and a trail through the jungle. The weather is unpredictable, and monsoon being the season, there are high chances of rain. The registration for this event is on and will continue till 1st August.
Rugged Sahyadri is a self-supported race. The organizers will not have any volunteers to help you along the course. You will have to find your own way by following the GPS. Participants are also expected to carry their own supplies for the day, along with an extra set of comfortable wear in their individual backpacks. When the Sahyadri Ultra Trail Race ends at Pawan Khind, there will be refreshments for the participants. After that, the company Ruggedian arranges to drop the participants back till Kolhapur.
Trail runs like these are aimed at promoting the fitness culture. The popularity of these events is also growing because more youngsters are showing an interest in fitness activities outside the gym. Millennials believe that taking part in these sports helps them break monotony. Lalit R. Parakh, an employee of PwC, Kolkata says, “My sister introduced me to long-distance running. I also hit the gym, but it never gives me the satisfaction that I get from marathons and trail runs. Running drives out all the negativity and brings out positivity and confidence in me.”
Although it is the youngsters that have shown immense interest in outdoor fitness activities, long-distance running has no restriction of age. Rugged Sahyadri welcomes people of all ages to take part in this run.
Date: August 5, 2018. Last date for registration is 1st August