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Ram Charan, Prabhudheva and Farah Khan to host Heal URlife through Dance – digital para dance talent show

Dance is a universal language, a form of expression which always brings people together. URLife.co.in (a holistic wellbeing platform), in collaboration with Mana Ooru Mana Badyatha (Surya Kala Moturi’s community welfare platform), are coming together to give recognition to India’s most gifted dancers through digital talent show, Heal URlife through Dance.
Famous personalities from the world of dance entertainment, Ram Charan, Farah Khan and Prabhudeva are all set to host the para dance talent competition. Heal UrLife through Dance is a nation-wide online talent show for the mentally and physically specially-abled, to give hope and uplift their mindset during these tough times.

Ram Charan, revealed, “Heal Urlife through Dance celebrates the motivation and positive outlook specially-abled have towards their life. Our country is filled with many talented people, who take up the obstacles life throws at them as a challenge and emerge winners. We wanted to bring these extraordinarily talented people together and celebrate life with dignity and grace. I’m sure it will be a motivating experience to the participants as well as the viewers.”


On the occasion of World Mental Health Day 2020, Ram Charan went on to share that along with being a means of entertainment, dance is an expression that can heal one’s mental state. He further added, “Considering the tough times we are facing right now, educating everyone about mental wellness is necessary. In this fast-paced life that we live, many often only concentrate on work and neglect their hobbies, which can be stress-busters! HEAL URLIFE THROUGH DANCE is a reminder to take good care of their health. Dancing brings a lot of positivity in our thoughts and heals us from the hard reality we have to face on a day to day basis.”


If you are a divyang dancer, register with a video submission on https://urlife.co.in/healurlife/, the last date of video submissions is 15th Oct 2020. This collaboration is all about celebrating the meaning of life and encouraging everyone to stay safe, healthy, motivated and improve their mental wellbeing.
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