A research points out beauty as one of the top three factors in creating social attachment towards one’s town or city. While there has been a growing need to maintain cleanliness in the city – especially densely populated areas, the Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan has provided a much-needed platform and sense of awareness among the masses.

A beautiful and attractive environment promotes activity, spirit and pride in the society. Apart from ensuring cleanliness and good health, an attractive neighbourhood may lead to better behaviour, a research indicates.

The message has been clear and perhaps a noticeable amount of participation has created a movement. As an artist, I feel, we can achieve the objective of Swachcha Bharat in an artistic way.

We can have the entire stretch of side walls of roadways, by lanes, pathways, divider walls, narrow lanes coloured with beautiful and refreshing paintings and make it picturesque and striking site for the passers-by. Imagine a city with almost all roads and pathways decorated like this!

“The tree, the bushes, the folk art and the gushing waterfalls in my neighbourhood, makes my tiring day so special and affable”

The central idea remains about how individuals could take up this as a valuable offering or scheme for development and beautification of the city; with art being the medium of communicating the message.

We can of course take help from our government but the best solution is to do it ourselves for better, positive and lasting effects.

There are thousands of students from art colleges, from private art teachings, who need a canvas to showcase their talent and receive first-hand experience to display in front of the larger audience. They can simply show their talent here with limited resources sufficient for one person each to paint a particular space in their free time.

We have many art lovers and art appreciators all around the country. We also have enthusiast who like to perceive it as a hobby. Similarly, there are people who like to take up art as distressing activity and also people who would like to just experiment with art.

A sense of belonging would drive people from all walks of life as a part of it making it more interactive promoting social accord. Coming as an initiative from people themselves, citizens may think more before dirtying the premises.

Social awareness regarding several subjects can be achieved in a similar way. However, we also need to target the happiness and the joyride quotient. Painting walls, dividers, pathways can be anything that look meaningful, enchanting, with a mass appeal, about nature, human beings, animals and which gives a strong motivational aspect to our surroundings making it Swachcha and Sundar.

“Struggling in the morning, afternoon, night… returning home tired… Walk past this artwork, feeling refreshed to start afresh…”


Rashmi Pitre is an actress, a painter and a poetess. She deeply relates with art and has her artworks exhibited at national and international levels. She is coming up with her poetry book. Apart from this, she is also associated with the social sector. She is the Honorary Patron of PAWS in Mumbai.

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