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Payments Solutions Platform DanaMojo Narrows Existing Gap Between NGOs and Contributors

Danamojo, India’s first payment solutions platform exclusively for NGOs, has intensified efforts to support the most vulnerable communities across the country. The organization has curated a list of around 50 NGOs on its platform, which is engaging in critical relief work to help ease the burden of those affected by the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India.
With citizens searching for credible NGOs to make meaningful contributions, DanaMojo aims to provide a superlative experience to the donors through a convenient and efficient mechanism on its platform. NGOs on the platform are broadly divided into two criteria; the nature of relief work being done or the beneficiary they are supporting. Their support extends to the vulnerable and affected communities such as guest workers, women suffering from domestic abuse, children who need counselling, the elderly, animals, the transgenders, those who need HIV medication etc. This is done by providing them with food and sanitation kits, hot meals, direct money transfer, COVID-19 treatment support, and personal protection equipment.
Speaking about the initiative, DanaMojo CEO Mr. Dhaval Udani said, “Over the last couple of months, there has been a huge surge in the number of people seeking support and consequently, the need for funds has also become ever so critical. We believe that there are countless citizens out there looking to make meaningful contributions towards those in need. At DanaMojo, we aim to provide these citizens with a comprehensive and trustworthy platform where their money is directed to the intended entity for the relevant cause. We have curated a list of close to 50 NGOs that are firstly, legally compliant and are either working at the national or regional level to provide relief to those affected by the virus. Additionally, an HNI donor has come forward to top up all the donations with a Matching Donation of 10% for the first 25 lac rupees.”
A few prominent NGOs on DanaMojo’s platform include Goonj, Save the Children India, Ratna Nidhi Trust, Apnalaya, Tarun Bharat Sangh, Kolkata Gives etc. Its platform provides an exhaustive range of payment options, a gateway for international donors, automated 80G receipts and is fully compliant with all the legal requirements. Since June 2016, the organization has successfully worked with over 800 NGOs in the past.
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