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Top 4 organisations reskilling migrant workers for economic recovery

Pandemic and lockdown had forced many vulnerable migrants to walk back to their homes after having lost their jobs. Those who came to metro cities to make a living were called off from their jobs as there was no cash flow in companies. A major part of the migrant workforce in the suburbs and metros got affected. To support them and bring their lives back on track, a few organizations came forward to bridge the gap by reskilling migrant workers, to equip them with additional skills and open alternate avenues of revenue generation in the market.

Organisations reskilling migrant workers

Here are a few organizations that are making a difference in the lives of migrant workers:

1. PanIIT

Pan IIT Alumni India is a body representing alumni of all IITs to harness their potential & energies for Nation Building, networking and professional excellence. PanIIT Alumni Reach for India Foundation, the Nation Building arm of Pan IIT Alumni, works towards providing various skill development programmes to create opportunities for vulnerable migrant labour – the most affected group today, facing challenges of meeting their daily livelihood and sustenance needs. PanIITs vocational skilling programmes aim to enhance the incomes and livelihoods of the undeserved.

2. Ajeevika Bureau

Udaipur-based NGO Ajeevika Bureau provides job opportunities to the rural poor; especially migrant workers who move to cities in search of employment. Along with Skill development, the NGO also connects these workers with job providers and ensures that they don’t get exploited by their contractors. Workers have been issued with an identity card so that they have access to all government schemes and initiatives.

3. Capacita Connect

Shipra Sharma Bhutani from Capacita Connect is helping migrants learn new skills and be absorbed by companies across sectors. The brand is using a mobile app skill Mitra for upskilling and reskilling migrant workers and help them earn employment. They have reached to more than 20,000 migrant workers with jobs.


NGO Magic Bus India partnered with BMW for a skill development programme to provide job opportunities to youth. The project focuses on training disadvantaged youngsters and supports them in achieving their personal and professional goals by moving into sustained employment or job-based training.

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