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Workshop with Delhi Police to advance understanding and support for Autism and ADHD

Delhi NCR, India: BloomBuds ASD Life Trust, a pioneering NGO dedicated to supporting families affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and ADHD, has successfully conducted an interactive workshop in partnership with the South-West District, Delhi Police Force.
Hosted at the Delhi Cantt police force headquarters, the workshop aimed to enhance awareness and understanding of Autism and ADHD among law enforcement officials, while also addressing critical gaps in support and recognition within the criminal justice system. With a focus on improving comprehension in managing cases involving individuals with Autism and promoting equity within the criminal justice system, the workshop integrated comprehensive directives from the Police Cooperation for Autism in India (PCAI), a framework meticulously crafted by BloomBuds ASD Life Trust.
With participation from officers across various departments, the session fostered an open dialogue where police officials shared their experiences and interactions with individuals who may be on the Autism Spectrum. Through these discussions, participants gained practical insights into recognizing and addressing the unique needs of individuals with Autism and ADHD during the critical encounters.

Key highlights from the workshop include:

Visual presentations depicting real-life situations involving individuals with Autism, shedding light on challenges they face and its impact on society.
Enhanced comprehension of ASD, ADHD, and associated mental conditions.
Techniques for addressing the distinct hurdles encountered by individuals with Autism during arrest, questioning, or legal proceedings.
Practical guidance on identifying and understanding Autism & ADHD, with an emphasis on empathy and acknowledging individual differences.
Recommendations for sensitive and efficient communication when engaging with individuals with ASD & ADHD in various roles, including as victims, witnesses, or suspects.
Call to action for proactive measures, including initiating a comprehensive mapping exercise to identify and acknowledge cases of Autism in our communities.
Interactive sessions where police officials shared real-life scenarios and challenges encountered while interacting with individuals with Autism and ADHD.
Increased awareness among police officers about learning disabilities in children, prompting inquiries for future courses of action.
Recognition of the underdiagnosis of Autism and ADHD in India, highlighting the urgent need for improved screening and support services.
Emphasis on empathy and individual differences, with practical strategies provided for effective communication and interaction with individuals with Autism and ADHD.
Reflecting on the workshop, Ms. Monica Singhal Kumar, Founder of BloomBuds ASD Life Trust, emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in promoting inclusivity and understanding within society. “We take pride in facilitating this workshop alongside the South-West District, Delhi Police Force to elevate awareness and support for individuals on Spectrum,” she expressed. “Through open dialogue and knowledge sharing, we aim to build a more just and supportive environment for all.”
Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to deepen their understanding and enhance their skills in supervising individuals with Autism and ADHD.




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