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Mondelez India saves equivalent of 26,000 plastic bottles going into the ocean with new 100% sustainable POB units

As the world deals with a global pandemic, Mondelez India’s focus to do what’s right for the people and planet has taken a sharper turn. To further deliver on their long-term vision for zero net waste packaging, Mondelez India has introduced 100% sustainable Point Of Buying (POB units), for the recently launched Bournvita Crunchy, which helps saving equivalent of 26K plastic bottles from being disposed off in the ocean.
Besides being conscious of the consumer’s evolving snacking needs, the company stayed mindful of reducing the environmental impact and took the step as a part of their strategy of building a circular packaging economy. All the materials used for in-store branding were eco-friendly, non-PVC and 100% recyclable.
For all the floor-standing units, lamination was replaced with water-based varnish, the 2D posters were carved out of paper, and banners were made using low density polyethylene (LDPE). Introduction of these sustainable materials for the branding of the innovation resulted in saving approximately 26,000 plastic bottles being dumped in the ocean while preventing the omission of any harmful chemical (chlorine for example) in the ecosystem. The reconfiguration was made without any compromise on the functionality, size, quality and safety of the POB units.
Mondelez India has been living its purpose to empower people to snack right by continuously making progress against its ambitious sustainability and well-being goals, centred around making snacks by using less energy, water and waste, with ingredients consumers know and trust, which the company aims to accomplish by 2025.
Whether it’s building a resilient cocoa community for nearly 55 years by supporting and skilling cocoa farmers to grow sustainable Cocoa as an intercrop and improve their livelihoods, or the company’s commitment to the community, through the National CSR programme, Shubh Aarambh. Mondelez India abides by its promise to build a resilient ecosystem for the business and the communities.
As Mondelez India looks to build an even stronger and thriving business, the company will continue to support and empower colleagues, consumers, suppliers, and customers around, as more than ever, now is the time for companies to do what’s right.
Mondelēz International is proud of the strong progress globally and in India, as the company makes strides towards building a sustainable snacking business and making it the normal way to do business. This is #SnackingMadeRight!

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