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Modi at UN: Sanitation, Clean Drinking Water Crucial Issues


IT was not the first but certainly one of the best, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his debut addressing the UN General Assembly session in New York, in Hindi. Pitching himself as a true international statesman, the Indian Prime Minister touched on a wide range of subjects and topics from cyber space to climate change, with confidence and conviction.

One of the biggest highlights of the Prime Minister’s address was the emphasis on a more ‘habitable and sustainable world’. “As a civilization we Indians believe in the philosophy of peaceful coexistence with the nature,” said Modi. In a more than 30-minute-long part-written and part-impromptu speech, he skilfully addressed the global community while winning over the Indian audience. On a post-event discussion on a TV channel, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor accepted and applauded Modi saying, “Right message, well delivered, well done.”

Reiterating his concerns and commitment for sanitation and equitable distribution of resources, he said, “When we think of the scale of need in the world – 2.5 billion people without access to basic santitaion,1.3 billion without access to electricity, or 1.1 billion people without access to clean drinking water, we need a concerted and a more direct international action.”

After Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Modi is the second leader to speak in Hindi at the United Nations. In his address, he spoke about how yoga was an ancient remedy that mediates between nature and health. He further went on to suggest dedicating a day to Yoga, as International Yoga Day.

modimadisonActing almost as an Indian CEO, with an absolute political mandate, Modi has managed to raise the equity of Brand India at the world’s biggest congregation of nations by his big picture view, clear-cut thought process, impressive oratory and perceivable conviction for the cause.

According to some political observers, after decades of passive and subdued political representation at the world arena, the world is seeing a new and resurgent India under the leadership of Modi. He is already been touted as the most influential leader in south Asia, with a potential to become a powerful global leader.

What really sets him apart from his predecessors, is his ability to think out of the box but with the consistency of purpose and objective. So even while as a proud Indian, he applauded the scientist fraternity for their commendable feat of succeeding in the mission Mars in the very first attempt, a couple of days back, he had the guts to talk about the challenges of sanitation and clean drinking water at the United Nations General Assembly

So, as the United Nations turns 70 in 2015, we hope that Brand India walks those crucial steps in presenting a model of sustainable and inclusive development to the world community, believing in the theory of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (the world is one family), as echoed by Modi.