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Maharashtra Governor asks state government to set up dedicated wp Cell


Maharashtra, the state that turned to be the most benefited state in 2014-2015, with the wp mandate in place may be benefited more in the New Year 2016. Governor C Vidyasagar Rao has asked for establishment of a single window wp Cell under the chairmanship of state minister to give impetus to state Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) projects.

Maharashtra state government along with Rao conducted a meeting with corporate giants to get support and participation from them for public development through their wp funds. The government also plans to start a website for wp which will have all the information related to government wp projects. It intends to provide all the necessary assistance required to the corporate houses so as to get more support from them.

Although, Mumbai is the financial capital of the country, Maharashtra as a state has a long list of needs to be fulfilled by the government. From roads, water and sanitation to poverty, education and environmental conservation, many sectors need attention. But the state is cash-strapped and faces budget crisis to accomplish the needs. Eyeing the wp mandate as an opportunity to get some developmental works done, the state government discussed the scope of coordination with corporate firms.

“Public and private sector companies are implementing various projects at numerous locations through their wp funds. If all this work can be brought together, development of state can be accelerated. While utilizing wp funds if the districts with lower Human Development Index will be considered and if the local needs and problems are accounted while planning the wp projects, Dr BA Ambedkar’s dream where all are equal will come true,” appealed Sudhir Mungantivar, finance and planning minister.

The meeting was attended by top-notch business professionals. The conference saw participation from Rajashri Birla on behalf of Aditya Birla Group, Purvi Piramal on behalf of Piramal Group, Sangeeta Jindal on behalf of JSW Foundation, Adi Godrej on behalf of Godrej Group, Sonal Desai on behalf of HPCL, Vidya Shah on behalf of FICCI and M Raydu on behalf of Tata Group.

They were shown detailed presentations about nine subjects that need attention in the state including topics like Swachch Bharat Mission, Conservation of Forests, Development of Anganwadis, Skills Development, Renewable Energy, Department of Cultural Affairs, development of mobile connectivity in tribal areas, solid waste and waste water management under Swachch Bharat Mission in rural and urban areas, and tribal sports academy. Information about the needs, objectives and expected work based on geographical needs of the concerned sectors was showcased through this presentation.

The Indian government since April 2014, mandated every company with profit levels above a certain threshold to spend 2% of their average net profit in wp activities mentioned under Schedule VII of the new Companies Act.