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LG Electronics Contributes Oxygen Plant to Kailash Deepak Hospital

LG Electronics, the nation’s leading consumer durables brand, has contributed an oxygen plant to Kailash Deepak Hospital at Karkarduma. LG Electronics has partnered with Kailash Deepak Hospital and contributed an oxygen plant with an oxygen generation capacity of 1000 LPM . The oxygen plant will be directly connected to 200 beds via the pipeline of the oxygen tank. The oxygen tank will certify the easy access of oxygen in the hospital wards. With this initiative, LG Electronics looks forward to helping those who require the resources during crucial situation. Today’s formal Inauguration of hospital was attended by Dr Mahesh Sharma, Member of Parliament Gautam Budh Nagar, Sanjay Chitkara-Sales Head LG Electronics India & Mr Atul Khanna-VP-Finance-LG Electronics India along with other dignitaries.
Speaking of the initiative Sanjay Chitkara- Sales Head- LG Electronics said, “This contribution is a small step towards enhancing the current medical infrastructure of the country. As an organization, we believe in deploying the caring power of communities, and we will continue to focus our efforts on providing support to the Government and Citizens. Since 2021, we have supported 22 hospitals with medical infrastructure including Medical equipment, furniture, Lifesaving ambulance & Oxygen plants.”
 S.M.Garg-President Deepak Gupta Memorial Foundation Trustee said, “This step strengthens our health system and ensures our care centres are ready to receive all patients and provide the best medical care possible. We are proud to ally with LG Electronics and be able to count on them as our strategic partner working towards a common goal: saving lives.”
A stride toward building a practical framework for the general public, the O2 plant is computerized with in-fabricated security measures, which will provide top-notch clinical oxygen to patients while making the hospital independent in gathering the oxygen needs of its patients. Across India, LG Electronics has continuously worked towards bolstering the medical infrastructure. This particular initiative will support ongoing efforts by the Government of India to encourage citizens to seek out health care and ensure the patients of world-class care and provide confidence for the same, reinforcing the national health policy.
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