Home Press Release Les Roches and RAHI provides 35,000 meals to migrant groups

Les Roches and RAHI provides 35,000 meals to migrant groups

Hospitality company Les Roches has joined hands with RAHI (Rise Against Hunger India), an NGO working towards hunger eradication, with currently an increased focus on providing meals to Covid-19 impacted communities, to provide 35,000 meals to migrant groups of Mumbai.
Les Roches has always worked towards CSR and creating the future of hospitality in India. They have not only donated through their alumni in the past but have also provided scholarships to merited Indian students and helped them in building their future. Adrian Artimov, Director Enrolment and Marketing, Les Roches said: “We are extremely gratuitous towards RAHI for allowing us to partner with them in this noble initiative of giving back to the people in need in these unprecedented times. Les Roches relationship with India goes beyond hospitality and we felt now is the correct time to support the nation that has provided us with some of the greatest alumni in the past and continues to support Les Roches till today.”
Dola Mohapatra, Executive Director, Rise Against Hunger India said: “We thank Les Roches for supporting us in providing 35,000 meals to the migrant groups in Mumbai, who have been majorly impacted by Covid-19. We hope that more private institutions such as Les Roches would come forward and work with us in this noble cause.” So far, RAHI has distributed 1.86 million meals to 400,000 people in 35 districts of 8 states.
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