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LANXESS India adds to employability through its vocational skill centre

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LANXESS India Private Limited has established a skill development centre in Thane as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme to provide training to aspiring candidates looking for suitable employability. The LANXESS  B-ABLE SKILL CENTRE in Thane has been set up in association with BASIX Academy for Building Lifelong Employability Limited (B-ABLE) who is the implementation partner for the project.

The project which started in January 2019 is focused on providing skill development training for the youth who are unskilled, semi-skilled, school dropouts and come from the underprivileged sections living in the periphery of Thane.  LANXESS India has funded the project to skill youth, especially unemployed youth from marginalized communities. The candidates who are from BPL (Below Poverty Line) families have been targeted under this training program. The training skills the youth and provides a sustainable livelihood.

This program has been designed for 3 years starting from Thane in the first year, Jhagadia in the second and Nagda in the third year with nearly 125 candidates being trained each year. The project is being implemented by BASIX Academy for Building Lifelong Employability Limited (B-ABLE).

After an on-ground survey in Bhiwandi in Thane, it was found that the two most popular employability choices for the local youth with lower academic qualification were that of call centre executives and sewing machine operators. Taking a lead from the survey conducted by B-ABLE, the company financially supported the project.

The first batch of 56 candidates has successfully completed its course and a total of 24 candidates have been placed with different companies while 18 candidates from the sewing machine course have set up their own tailoring jobs.

Commenting on the project, Neelanjan Banerjee, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, LANXESS India said, “Lack of higher education due to any reason should not be a hindrance in employability opportunities for the underprivileged youth of our nation. Through this project, we have attempted to provide skills to such youth that will help them sustain a decent livelihood. We see this project as a small gesture in contributing positively to the country’s skill development goals.”

For the Jhagadia and Nagda projects, surveys will be conducted to ascertain the type of training required in the selected areas and suitable courses will be designed for the same.