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Lancers International School concluded Primary Year Programme on SDGs

Students at Lancers

Lancers International School, an IB continuum school based in Gurgaon, celebrated the achievements of their Grade 5 students through the Primary Year Program (PYP) Exhibition held at the school premises.

This year, the students inquired into Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) laid by the United Nations. The learning experiences were not limited to the classroom or school. Students connected with mentors across the globe to gather relevant information and have a better understanding of the SDGs.

LIS students contacted doctors in Australia, inquired from pharmacist in Mexico, reached out to renowned architect in the UK and also visited locals schools, private agencies and science laboratories in Gurgaon. This PYP Exhibition, in its true sense is international in approach and presentation. Be it oral presentations, 3D models, personalized accessories and brochure, it was all there.

Aarav Kapoor redesigned an entire hallway with Aaraville – his vision of the most sustainable community of the future. Together with architects, he painstaking redesigned a community, complete with a housing complex, schools, entertainment centre, sports facilities, government services.

“The foundation of an IB education lies on agentic learning, where children, as a result of their inquiries, make relevant contributions to the world around them. With the PYP Exhibition, we provide the school learning community with opportunities to engage with relevant content, propose solution to problems and when possible, take action,” said Annabelle Villamarin, Primary and Middle School Principal.