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Kodai lake areas get a facelift

Areas around Kodaikanal lake got a facelift with renovated public toilets, better railings and levelled footpaths, on May 3.
The Carlton hotel, in a bid to boost tourism-related infrastructure, began working on repairing the municipality-owned toilet block near the Kodaikanal lake. The renovations were a result of the organisation’s Corporate Social Responsibility activities.
The lake surrounded by trees and a green boulevard is home to hundreds of shops and small businesses. It is a tourist hub and sees many people walking around this area. The hotel has undertaken the project of providing uniform roofing for all shops around the lake by June.
Managing Director, The Carlton, Sandeep Raheja, proposed to give Kodaikanal lake the much needed facelift in order to enhance the basic facility for the innumerable tourists visiting Kodaikanal, year-round, said a press statement.
“We at The Carlton believe that access to basic sanitation and good hygiene is a human right and everyone deserves the right to the benefits and dignity of a safe toilet, especially the tourists visiting Kodaikanal who are often vulnerable to the effects of poor sanitation,” the organisation added.