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Kalki’s newfound love

Kalki Koechlin is an active supporter of The Green People of India, an organization dedicated to promoting green, ethical, sustainable enterprises

BOLLYWOOD star Kalki Koechlin, known for her off-the-beaten-track choices in cinema, is also a passionate advocate for environmental sustainability. She actively supports The Green People of India (TGPI), an organization dedicated to creating awareness for organic, ethical, fair trade, sustainable organizations and enterprises located across India. And this month completes one year of Kalki’s unswerving support to TGPI.

“Kalki was the first star to lend her support to the Green People when we were only just starting to come together in June 2013 and needed all the boost we could get from all quarters to make this into a popular movement in India,” says Ashish Malani, Executive Team member, TGPI.

The Green People Festival, Mumbai
The Green People Festival, Mumbai

When approached by TGPI, Kalki immediately lent her support and also expressed very strong concerns about disposable products that aggravate the landfill and choked drainage horror witnessed across India. TGPI members sent ‘green goodies’ from different corners of India to welcome Kalki into the green people family and she really took the time to learn about the unique creations of our members that promote sustainable, green living in India.

“Kalki is very aware and well-informed about issues related to environmental sustainability and is always ready to lend her voice to our cause. Plus, she is also careful about incorporating green values in her own lifestyle, which is inspiring to say the least. So, when the ‘green people goodies’ were presented to Kalki in a re-used mango peti, it gained us even more brownie points from our star supporter!” laughs Malani.