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Juicy Chemistry to plant 1000 trees with Grow-Trees this Diwali

With hope to give back to Mother Earth, organic beauty brand Juicy Chemistry aims to plant 1000 trees with social enterprise Grow-Trees from October 28 to November 5, 2020. The brand intends to celebrate this festive season with the motto ‘We are doing Diwali – Do it with a lot of integrity’.
Co-founder Megha Asher says, “Ever since Juicy Chemistry was conceptualized, our aim has been to not just provide organic products to the consumers, but to do so in a sustainable way that doesn’t harm Mother Earth in any way. This #Doing It With A Lot of Integrity initiative is a small step from our end to work towards building a healthier world that is safe and filled with green trees that add to its serene beauty while saving us from a crisis.”
Founded in 2014 by husband-wife duo, Megha and Pritesh Asher, Juicy Chemistry has believed in offering sustainable products right from the ingredients to the packaging. Associating with Grow-Trees, the brand hopes that the planting of trees directly helps feed the local tribes in the region. While addressing the social as well as environmental benefits of this campaign, Co-founder Pritish Asher says, “The social impact that #Doing It With A Lot of Integrity has such as Employment for the rural communities, sustainable income to the villagers, Carbon Offset, water conservation, Water Recharge and rebuilding wildlife habitats are benefits that are unparalleled in times like these.”
Grow-Trees is 10 years old and since its inception has planted over planted 5.6 million trees in 22 states on public land. Bikrant Tiwary, CEO of Grow-Trees said, “It brings me immense joy to be collaborating with sustainable brands. These trees will bring harmony in the lives of the rural communities, enhancing their socio-economic status while also helping us rebuild wildlife habitats. We appreciate the efforts put in by the team at Juicy Chemistry to benefit our current ecosystem and help establish a better future for the generations to come.”
The Doing It With A Lot of Integrity campaign not only aims to protect the environment but also aims to bring out the social benefits that surround it, while making sure our environment has fresh, safe and breathable air in the future.
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