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Instant noodle brand to upcycle plastic waste into park equipment in Indian metro cities

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Sunfeast YiPPee!, a leading instant noodle and pasta brand from ITC Ltd., has unveiled a new campaign – ‘YiPPee! Better World: Create Magic’. As part of this campaign the brand aims to educate, raise awareness, collect and upcycle plastic waste by turning it into park equipment like swings, jungle gyms etc.
Playground equipment in city parks is essential for recreation, especially for children. The initiative follows a two-pronged approach for maximum impact:
Upcycling Plastic Waste: Converting plastic waste into sturdy, colourful playground equipment – from swings to jungle gyms. The intent is to give a second life to discarded plastic materials, thereby putting it to good use as well as reducing plastic in landfills.
Community Involvement: It involves conducting large-scale awareness, voting and plastic waste collection drives, rallying the larger community to participate in the movement.
The campaign will be implemented in four major metropolitan cities – Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru. Through this campaign, the brand is advocating the joy of playing in open spaces while creating a sustainable environment.
Speaking on the initiative, Kavita Chaturvedi, Chief Operating Officer, Snacks Noodles & Pasta, ITC Ltd said, “YiPPee!, at its core, has always believed in encouraging a better way of living. Given the need for plastic waste recycling in India, the goal of YiPPee! Better World: Create Magic initiative to spread awareness on plastic waste management and demonstrate better ways to utilise plastic waste for the betterment of the society.”
Last year, through the brand’s flagship school contact programme – ‘YiPPee! Better World: Trash to Treasure’, 35 lakh children collected 2,500 kg of plastic waste which were then converted into 1,000 benches and desks for schools. Likewise, under ‘Terra by YiPPee! Better World’ initiative, waste plastic wrappers were used to create trendy lifestyle and utility products such as bags. The brand has been able to upcycle approximately 3.1 lakh packs of YiPPee!
ITC as an organisation has sustained its plastic neutrality status for the second year in a row. ‘ITC WOW – Well Being Out of Waste’, has reached out to 2.2 crore citizens in over 55 lakh households, 57 lakh school children and 2,100 corporates since its inception. In FY 22-23, ITC collected and sustainably managed more than 60,000 MT of plastic waste, which exceeded the amount of plastic packaging utilized by ITC during the year.
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