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India Inc Celebrating Diwali 2023 with CSR

Happy Diwali
At the heart of this festive season of Diwali, corporations are embracing a commitment that goes beyond the usual merriment—a dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). As the season unfolds with its unique charm, businesses are weaving threads of social impact into the very fabric of their celebrations.
Let us look at the top CSR initiatives during the festive season, where businesses are channeling their resources to brighten lives in ways that transcend traditional revelry. From supporting local communities and fostering inclusivity to championing sustainable practices, these initiatives underscore a pledge to make a positive difference amidst the joyous festivities.

PMR’s Festive Fervor: Spreading Joy with Elders and Children this Diwali!

In the radiant spirit of Diwali, the festival that illuminates lives and spreads joy, PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd. (PMR), a global relocation firm, has embraced the true essence of the occasion. Demonstrating compassion and a commitment to making a positive impact, PMR reached out to the elderly residents of NEMA Eldercare, as well as the underprivileged children supported by the Robinhood Army (RHA) and Harmony House India. This heartfelt initiative reflects PMR’s dedication to bringing hope and happiness to those in need during this festive season.
Ms. Aakansha Bhargava, CEO of PM Relocations Pvt Ltd expressed, “I am extremely happy and thrilled to be kickstarting the festive season this year with something so special and meaningful. Each year, PMR tries its best to plan activities that help us give more and more to the society, as well as ensure that everyone feels an integral part of the ongoing festive celebrations in India. Our excitement stems from our desire to use PMR’s platform towards the betterment of members of society, be it the elderly community or children from underprivileged sections of society.”
On this auspicious occasion, the team at PMR joyfully volunteered at the NEMA Eldercare to seek the blessing of elders. During their visit, the team played games with the elders, shared sweets, and was honored to present the residents with wheelchairs. One of the volunteer expressed their profound joy saying, “Interacting with the elders today filled my heart with joy, and connecting with them was truly blissful.”
Continuing their festive activities, PMR celebrated Diwali with the children of RHA and Harmony House, two notable charitable organizations for aspiring little kids. PMR volunteers orchestrated engaging activities with children such as diya painting and card making. Apart from these sweets were distributed to share the sweetness and harmony on the occasion. The children at Harmony House delighted the team through a captivating welcome performance.
With a steadfast dedication and longstanding commitment to the advancement of sports, PMR has taken the initiative to empower the potential of budding athletes at Harmony House and decided to aid in building a sports infrastructure for the children, actively supporting the dreams of young talent this Diwali.

Walplast and Nanhi Kali Come Together for an Inspiring Diwali Celebration

Walplast, through its CSR arm, Walplast Welfare Foundation, hosted an educational event in collaboration with Project Nanhi Kali at their head office in Navi Mumbai on November 9th. The event saw the enthusiastic participation of 33 young stundents (Std.III to V) from the Nanhi Kali project, hailing from a Palghar school, accompanied by 7 key Community Associates.
Walplast, well-known for its commitment to corporate social responsibility, pulled out all the stops to ensure the event was memorable and educational. The event was more than just a one-day gathering; it represented the continuation of Walplast’s commitment to support these Nanhi Kali students in their educational journey. The company recognizes the profound impact that education can have, not only on the individual lives of these children but also on the broader community.
The Nanhi Kali students were engaged in activities designed to stimulate their minds and creativity. These activities included storytelling sessions with moral lessons, a lively and interactive qustion and answer session to test their knowledge, interactive games to keep them engaged and opportunities for the young girls to explore their artistic side by painting diyas (traditional lamps) and participating in a craft session.
The event was a true celebration of the spirit of Diwali, bringing together members of the Walplast team,students & Community Associates from the Nanhi Kali project.
The Managing Director of Walplast, Kaushal Mehta, expressed his enthusiasm and said, “
Education is a transformative force, and events like these create lasting impacts. Our collaboration with Nanhi Kali goes beyond mere philanthropy; it’s about investing in the future leaders of our society. Seeing the bright faces of these students reinforces our commitment to empowering every child with education.”
Chairman Ashok Mehta, who also graced the event, echoed these sentiments, stating, “This event signifies our dedication to bridging the educational gap for underprivileged children. Through engaging activities and personal interactions, we aim to inspire these young minds, giving them the confidence to dream big and achieve their goals. We believe in the power of education to bring positive change, not just in the lives of these children but in the entire community.”
In addition to fun and learning, the event also featured a heartfelt cake-cutting ceremony and a delicious lunch, fostering a sense of community and togetherness. The Walplast team, alongside the Nanhi Kalis and Community Associates, shared moments of joy, laughter, and learning, leaving an indelible mark on everyone present.

Madhur Sugars collaboration with Robin Hood Army brings smiles on a 1000 faces

Madhur Sugar, India’s leading packaged sugar brand, has initiated ‘Madhur Utsav’ to kindle the festive spirit of Diwali among all segments of society. The first such volunteer-driven initiative was recently organised in collaboration with Robin Hood Army in thirteen locations in Delhi.
Madhur Sugar team led by its Executive Director Mr. Ravi Gupta, along with the army distributed ration kits as well as festive sweets to a thousand households making their Diwali truly memorable. The initiative was further amplified by the participation of popular food vlogger Gaurav Wasan, who volunteered as a ‘Madhur Captain’ to become a part of this drive.
This joint effort brought together approximately 80-90 dedicated RHA volunteers and over 100 Madhur Captains across the thirteen locations, collectively bringing smiles to nearly 1,000 faces this festive season. This is just the beginning of Madhur Sugar’s journey towards spreading ‘Madhurta’, one life and one smile at a time.
Expressing his gratitude, Ravi Gupta, Executive Director, Madhur Sugar said, “It was overwhelming to see the smiles on the faces of so many people. We, at Madhur sugar, believe in spreading sweetness amongst all around us. Madhur Utsav is a step in that direction. We are working on a unique concept of inviting volunteers to be Madhur Captains, who shall be the lead drivers for this mission. We intend to continue this initiative all across the nation, throughout the year.”
The primary objective of the campaign was to encourage people to participate in this generous activity, and the response from the community was overwhelming, as they came out in large numbers to add sweetness to the lives of those less fortunate.
AkzoNobel Celebrates a ‘Diwali of Joy’ with 1500 Indradhanush Women in Rural India
As India celebrates Diwali, Akzo Nobel India, the makers of Dulux paints, is celebrating its Indradhanush women who are painting an empowered and diverse future in rural India.
In 2021, AkzoNobel India launched Project Indradhanush with one objective – enabling women to drive micro-entrepreneurship and socio-economic development in rural India. The societal initiative that started from one village in Assam has now expanded to benefit women in 500 villages across the six states of Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Karnataka.
Elaborating on the inspiring impact of this initiative, Rajiv Rajgopal, Managing Director, Akzo Nobel India said, “On the joyous occasion of Diwali, we are proud that Project Indradhanush is playing a role in lighting up a more sustainable future in rural India. By providing women with the necessary paint know-how, resources and vocational skills in the form of decorative paint application and entrepreneurship trainings, Project Indradhanush is unlocking a colourful rainbow of hope, empowerment, financial independence at grassroot level.”
Till date, Project Indradhanush has raised awareness about new livelihood opportunities available in paint business to 34,000 rural women. More than 1,500 rural women are now challenging gender norms as vocationally trained Indradhanush painters. For many like 35-year-old Sonti Deka, whose husband is a daily wage worker, every lick of paint has a deeper meaning. It’s adding to her savings so that she can support her daughter’s college education next year.
Project Indradhanush has also created over 300 first time women paint entrepreneurs in 500 villages of India! Many of the Indradhanush paint-preneurs, who were earlier either homemakers or managing existing small shops including grocery, stationary etc., are now transforming the paint industry in hinterlands while also adding a layer of financial resilience for their families.

Ashwin Sheth Group Lights Up Diwali with Compassion for Our Furry Friends!

Ashwin Sheth Group (ASG), a leading name in the real estate industry, has embarked on a remarkable journey to illuminate this year’s Diwali celebrations with a campaign that resonates deeply with the values of compassion. Titled “Mute the Noise BUT Not the Celebration,” is a heartfelt initiative and a tribute to the sustainable essence of Diwali.
Ideated and conceptualized by Ashwin Sheth Group, the campaign seeks to inspire homebuyers and citizens to celebrate Diwali in a humane manner – a sustainable and safe Diwali. Diwali, the festival that ushers in light and joy, PAWS (Pet Animals Welfare Society) – Mumbai has reported that every year, hundreds of animals suffer from fear and injuries due to the noise pollution caused by firecrackers. Animal shelters witness an increase in the number of runaway and lost pets, who are scared, anxious, nervous, and often burnt.
In a world where we light up our homes, indulge in shopping, cherish traditions, and set off fireworks to mark the occasion, it’s easy to forget that our pets also have their unique way of celebrating. For them, the essence of this festive season lies in one simple expectation – kindness and compassion.
This Diwali, Ashwin Sheth Group urges citizens to create homes where celebrations are marked by empathy and consideration. With a pledge of #LifeByChoice, the campaign conveys that while celebrating a noise-free Diwali is a choice, it’s equally vital to celebrate it with care and kindness, especially towards our beloved pets.
Mr Bhavik Bhandari, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer (CSMO) at Ashwin Sheth Group, shares his thoughts on the campaign, “Diwali is a time for joy and togetherness. With ‘Mute the Noise and Not the Celebration,’ we aim to extend this spirit of festivities and togetherness to include our beloved pets and the environment. We want to create a space where celebrations are marked by kindness and consideration, making this festive season truly DILwali. This campaign accentuates ASG’s commitment to nurturing a compassionate and inclusive society, upholding the values of love and care. We all can embrace the role of change-makers to create a significant transformation in society”.
This campaign echoes Ashwin Sheth Group’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility and the fostering of a harmonious Diwali. It transforms the festival into a celebration of compassion for all living beings, illuminating the path towards a brighter and more inclusive world.
This Diwali, join Ashwin Sheth Group in making a conscious choice to ‘Mute the Noise, Not the Celebration,’ where homes are adorned with kindness and compassion for all living beings. Let us embark on a journey towards a Diwali that truly resonates with the spirit of love, care, and inclusion. Together, we can make a profound impact and create a festival that brings joy not only to our homes but also to the hearts of those who cannot speak but feel the echoes of our compassion.

Panasonic returns with #DiwaliWaliSafai campaign; Fourth edition continues to drive awareness on responsible disposal of e-waste

In commemoration of International E-waste Day, Panasonic Life Solutions India (PLSIND), a leading diversified technology company, today announced its fourth edition of #DiwaliWaliSafai – an awareness campaign on responsible disposal of e-waste. The Central Pollution Control Board reports that the volume of e-waste continues to rise. India, the third largest contributor to e-waste in the world, generated 16.01 lakh tonnes of e-waste in 2021-22 and only 33% of it was collected and processed. #DiwaliWaliSafai campaign by Panasonic is a small step towards sensitizing consumers around the escalating e-waste crisis and the importance of its responsible collection, disposal, and recycling.
The campaign is centered around the ritual of festive cleaning, a significant and widespread custom in every Indian household during Diwali. While consumers focus on celebrations and buying new items, the responsible disposal of old electronics safely gets overlooked. With #DiwaliWaliSafai, Panasonic is calling upon everyone to proactively become active agents of change and make this Diwali more environmentally friendly by responsibly managing their e-waste. To support this, Panasonic is also offering free-of-cost home pick-ups for large appliances as well as assistance in identifying the closest e-waste collection centres.
Commenting on the campaign, Fumiyasu Fujimori, Managing Director, Panasonic Marketing India, Panasonic Life Solutions India said, “At Panasonic, we are committed towards a larger cause ie, creating a sustainable environment through our businesses. Whether it is through using environment friendly technologies, promoting renewable energies, environment focused activities such as tree plantation or, through responsible e-waste awareness program and campaigns – every action of ours is aligned towards sustainability and development of society. And this extends beyond the products and solutions we develop. Our endeavour is to leave a positive impact on the environment and, in this process, encourage our consumers too. The #DiwaliWaliSafai campaign is yet another effort towards enriching our future. Through this campaign, till date, we’ve reached out to 10.3 million consumers through our digital platforms to help spread the word on safe disposal of e-waste. In the fourth edition, we are hoping to continue this momentum and, would urge everyone to come forward and take part in this noble cause.”
As part of the #DiwaliWaliSafai campaign, Panasonic is running an engaging contest on its social media handles till 30th October, 2023, encouraging consumers to responsibly dispose of e-waste. Additionally, customers can simply visit the Panasonic D2C website where they can easily provide their information for e-waste submission. As a token of appreciation, those who actively participate in e-waste recycling will have the opportunity to win exciting prizes from Panasonic.