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IIL Foundation signs MoU with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology, UP for educating the farmers

Leading crop care and nutrition company, Insecticides (India) Limited (IIL)’s CSR wing IIL Foundation signs a MoU with Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel University of Agriculture & Technology (SVPUAT), Meerut, UP for dissemination of the advance Agri-extension activities and farmer awareness for three years.
In the signing ceremony program organized at the university campus, the MoU was signed by Dr. R. K. Mittal, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal on behalf of the IIL Foundation.
Under this MoU IIL Foundation will work with Krishi Vigyan Kendra under directorate of Extension of the University for education and awareness of the judicious use of crop protection products. This will help the farmers to learn the new and modern practices and increase their productivity.
Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Dr. R. K. Mittal also shared his views on the occasion. “It is always good to work together for the benefit of the farmers. We look forward to start of this relationship with Insecticides (India) Limited. Farmers today are ready to learn new things, we can work with them closely under this project. We believe that, IIL Foundation and our team of scientists and experts will definitely make a difference to the farmers.”
On the occasion, august gathering of scientists from KVKs were present along with the delegates from the Directorate of Extension & Research. Dr. P. K. Singh, Director – Extension said “Under this project we look forward to working together in the benefit of the farmers and training them about the latest techniques so that they can get better productivity and contribute to the nation’s economy.”
From Insecticides (India) Limited, Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, CFO, Insecticides (India) Limited and trustee of IIL Foundation, Mr. M K Singhal, Vice President, Insecticides (India) Limited, Mr. Sanjay Singh, Sr. General Manager, Insecticides (India) Limited & Dr. Charan Singh, Project Charge, IIL foundation were present among other team members.
Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal sharing his views on behalf of IIL Foundation mentioned that we have been working for the farmer education and awareness since inception of the foundation as one of the prime objects to the foundation and it is our moral responsibility to educate the farmers for the judicious use of agro chemicals.
Mr. M K Singhal, VP, IIL also emphasized on working with the farmers and said that all our technology is for the upliftment of the farmers and reduce their input cost for prosperous agriculture. He also deliberated on the mantra of 4 rights i.e. right time, right product, right method and right dosage.
Mr. Sanjay Singh, Sr. GM, IIL explained the extension activities that the company has been performing in all these years with the help of more than 500 crop advisors spread across India.

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