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Head Held High Foundation Help Rural Youth Realize Their Aspirations

Bangalore-based NGO, Head Held High Foundation, has partnered with Wishonary to provide rural self-employment opportunities to underprivileged youth.
The Head Held High Foundation has been running rural youth upliftment programs for over a decade now. It has also been awarded the Real Heroes Award in the youth category for its work on behalf of youth in Karnataka. Presently, it is supported by eminent companies like ACC Cements, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC Bank and so on.
The organization has also been recognized by UNICEF as one of the most prominent NGOs in India.
The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in profound ways, primarily through loss of employment and shortage of essential supplies. The outbreak has had a significant impact on vulnerable and marginalized populations, particularly in rural areas. Nearly 69% of the population in India lives in the villages.
In many parts of rural and small-town India, including places like Koppal in Karnataka, there is fear and uncertainty in the air. The activities that sustain the economy, primarily farming and small scale industry that employ more than half of the workforce in our country, have been badly hit during this time.
There is a question mark now against the future of youth in these affected communities. Without timely support, it will be hard for them to achieve financial security in the long run.
Wishonary and Head Held High Foundation believe that a few quick interventions at this stage can help these youth escape a cycle of poverty and deprivation. They aim to reach out to donors everywhere and tap into the collective desire to make a difference in the world.
The team of Head Held High Foundation says, “We believe that, in order to help rural and disadvantaged individuals back on their feet, they need a little bit of support. Our ‘Support For Self-Employment’ campaign aims to provide this support by rural self-employment opportunities accessible to youth in these communities.”
COO, Mr. Vivek Saxena, Wishonary adds, “In Indian villages, the youths have a very limited access to opportunities and because of this pandemic the options that they had are also gone. In order to support rural youths stand back on their feet and earn a sustainable source of income, campaigns like “Support For Self-Employment” are really important. At Wishionary, we are happy to be involved in this worthy campaign and working towards its success.”
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