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GreenSole Foundation & Axis Bank Came Together For Providing 13,000 Footwear In 89 Schools


GreenSole Foundation and Axis Bank came together and organised a mega footwear donation drive, “Udaan”. This initiative will see over 13,000 footwear being distributed, in 89 schools in Lucknow.

As per findings of a 2013 report by World Health Organisation (WHO), around 1.5 billion people globally do not have access to footwear. Greensole foundation works towards providing footwear to people who are financially weak and manage their daily life without footwear. The foundation repairs and refurbishes old discarded footwear resulting in a two way impact: provide them to the needy and avoid the footwear from being dumped in landfills.

Shriyans Bhandari, Director, Greensole & Heritage Girls School, commented, “Most of the children who are a part of initiative UDAAN have never had a pair of slippers for themselves. It is essential to not only provide them with good quality shoes but also inculcate the habit of wearing them on a regular basis.”

Apart from providing footwear, a medical check-up will be conducted by professionals with provisions for medical aid. Educating the students on importance of wearing footwear would also be conducted by the organisation.

10,000 footwears have been sponsored by Axis Bank and other companies like Sipra, Make My Trip and Goqii have said to provide around 3,000 footwear.

Greensole will be associated with Akshay Patra Foundation, which caters to delivering mid-day meals to 1.5 million children; for distributing slippers in Lucknow district. “Most children come from lower income families located at outskirts. With personal loans to be paid off, daily expenses and children’s education, buying footwear becomes secondary and unaffordable,” said Bhandari.

Ravi Kala, Assistant Vice President, Axis Bank said, “Axis Bank will be donating 625 footwear to Sirgamau and Sarsanda Schools within Lucknow district. This will be followed by distribution of 12,375 footwear at 87 schools within a week. Project Udaan is involved in giving wings to the under privileged. The collaboration with Greensole occurred due to their incredible idea wherein with one step we are ensuring that carbon footprint reduces and on the other hand to provide work to un-skilled labourers.”

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