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Hygiene kits supplied to women and teenage girls in New Delhi, Guwahati, Kota

Fujifilm India Private Limited has announced the supply of 800 essential commodity kits to protect mothers and girl children under IRIA Raksha project during this COVID-19 emergency.
The kits consist of washable face mask, hand washing soap, a small pack of sanitary napkins, and Iron supplements like Folvite Tab. Aimed to support and rescue the women who are deprived of basic necessities, Fujifilm is providing these essential commodity kits to add basic comfort in their lives.
Haruto Iwata, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd. said, “Staying true to our commitment to support underprivileged females In society, we are happy to play a role in IRIA’s RAKSHA initiative. Today, these girls face a major challenge as the schools have shut down across the country due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This has disrupted the structured learning process across India and can lead to higher dropout rates especially for girls. Being a brand that has taken several steps for the well-being of girls, we have supercharged our mission with ‘IRIA’ to enable uninterrupted education, promote menstrual hygiene and organise awareness campaigns among the underprivileged females.”
Dr. Sangeeta Saxena, Chairperson, Raksha Committee, IRIA added: “Despite national efforts on women empowerment, education and sanitation, females still lack appropriate facilities and community support to manage their studies and menstrual cycle. Our project Raksha is in line with our mission to spread awareness and support women empowerment to the remote corners of our country. Coinciding with our plan to provide a platform where the members can help in the current social issues cantered on the girl child, we are providing essential supplies to the disadvantaged females of Guwahati.”
In addition, CSR of Fujifilm India is conducting educational workshops for underprivileged girls to raise awareness around the importance of self-examination among individuals. With the rise in the spread of Breast Cancer, self-examination has become an important screening tool for women that reduces their chances of being affected.
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