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First Behtar India Go Green City Summit Kicks Off

DPLI Behtar India Go Green City Summit

‘Behtar India’ is a Collaborative Social Responsibility campaign that rallies to get different segments of the society together to work towards making their cities cleaner, greener and healthier. The format not only supplements the government’s efforts to provide preventive as well as preventive healthcare to the community, but also ensures quality curative healthcare and behavior change in the fields of hygiene and environment.

DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance (DPLI) organized its first Behtar India Go Green City Summit at Vidyashilp Academy in Bangalore on August 2. The school earned the coveted distinction of hosting the summit by recycling 20,000 kgs of waste, the most amount collected by any school in the city. With this, the second season of Behtar India campaign has now moved into its second leg wherein the campaign is being taken across to 10 different cities including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, 5Kolkata among others.

Launched last year, the Behtar India campaign supports the community to step forward and help itself in achieving better health, hygiene and environment standards. The eight month long campaign is focused on three main pillars – Health, Hygiene and Environment with recycling as its core theme.

“Over 78 schools & 1,562 children have so far registered for the campaign in Bangalore. The city has also recycled 68,100 kgs of waste since the inception of the campaign,” said Anoop Pabby, MD & CEO, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance. While, the initiative is a contest for schools and students, a CSR and an employee engagement window for companies, social service for individuals, an amplification tool for the municipal corporations and for the under-privileged children, it is an opportunity to receive free health benefits.

So far, ‘Behtar India’ campaign has recycled over 2 lakh kgs of waste Nationally that has helped save 63,98,688 litres of water, 4,532 trees, 2,399 barrels of oil and 11,731 household’s one month’s electricity. Around 7,998 Dengue Protection Kits has been distributed to under-privileged children as part of the Behtar India campaign till date.