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Gen Zers from Euroschool Airoli raise Rs. 25 lakhs for women’s hygiene kits

In their bid to be responsible citizens, Euroschool Airoli students have raised Rs. 25 lakh for hygiene kits through crowdfunding. A group of 14 to 17 year old students from the school participated in this campaign, which ended successfully on 18 April 2021. This student initiative will benefit around 8500 girls and women in and around Mumbai.
EuroSchool collaborated with Rotary Club of Bombay Pier, Rotary Club of Mumbai Salt City in association with crowdfunding startup Fueladream for this initiative.
Before starting this campaign students were given two sessions. In the first, they were introduced to the concept of crowdfunding and how Fueladream along with the Rotary Club of Bombay Pier works for the underprivileged. In the second session, a virtual meeting was conducted on Zoom where they were asked to choose a topic from the list shared with them. Students decided to choose the Hygiene kit campaign for underprivileged girls and women.
Sanitary napkins are a necessity for every woman and access to them is a luxury for girls from weaker sections of society. Each menstrual hygiene pack costs Rs. 250 including distribution cost. Through this campaign, students of EuroSchool Airoli intend to provide a reusable menstrual hygiene kit that is cost-effective, lasts long, and is not too bulky.
The Hygiene kit consists of 2 regular shields, 6 regular liners, 1 large shield, 2 large liners, 1 Instruction manual, 1 zip lock bag, and 1 drawstring bag to hold everything together. These are stitched by women from low-income homes, thus serving as a source of livelihood for them.
Says student Aditi Mallya, “Girls my age resort to unhygienic ways to cope with menstruation, due to lack of resources and this often leads to infections and diseases. They understood the importance and donated generously. My family and family friends too helped to raise a good sum for the project.”
Adds another student Radhika Deore, “Coming from a well-off family background I have so many privileges which other girls of my age may not have. I consider it my responsibility and duty to others. My father and his friends happily donated to the project. I am grateful to my school for encouraging us to be a part of such a cause.”
Sudeshna Chatterjee, Principal, EuroSchool, Airoli, said, “Our students are keen on being responsible citizens. The best part about our students is they took up an initiative that even elders consider taboo and hardly talk about. We have included the project under the Socially Useful Productive Work (SUPW) of ICSE and ISC students, which is a compulsory and integral part of their curriculum from grades 9-12. It is also included in the Cambridge Lifeskills Programme of the Cambridge students. In the year of the pandemic, our students are doing their outreach projects for the community from home.”

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