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Euronics joins hands with Sacchi Saheli under Project Saral to offer menstrual hygiene education to women in Delhi

Menstruation is an important part of women’s reproductive health. Though it is a normal physiological phenomenon, it is surrounded by taboos, myths, and stereotypes which make it challenging for girls and women to go through their monthly periods in a safe and hygienic way. It is well known that slum dwellers have limited access to basic health care, and in the absence of proper knowledge, they are most vulnerable in maintaining menstrual hygiene, making these girls and women susceptible to adverse health conditions.
Euronics has taken an initiative under the name – Project Saral which is in collaboration with Sacchi Saheli. It is carried out to facilitate and sensitize menstruating slum women and girls to go through their periods in a healthy and efficient manner. This project was carried out for over 3 months. The project also aims at bringing change in mindsets, health-seeking practices, and behaviors relating to menstruation so as to ensure that the natural process does not become a hindrance in their lives. This will help in boosting their confidence whilst bringing a change in their hygiene practices. Further, its purpose is to bring a revolutionary change in their attitudes and mindsets which they would be passing on to the future generation of menstruators, thus creating a ripple effect.
Talking about this initiative, Mr Abhishek Jain, MD, Euronics said, “We would also hold a menstrual health awareness session to all the attendees to equip them with reliable and credible knowledge. The participants were also given Menstrual Hygiene Kits which included a 3 month supply of Sanitary napkins, Underwear, Dispensing paper bags, Paper Soap, and reusable cloth masks. To ensure proper maintenance and working of the incinerator machines,  a dedicated resource person will be appointed by Sacchi Saheli to make scheduled visits to the places where the incinerator machine is installed.”
Project Saral was carried out in 2 slum clusters in Delhi: Patparganj, Kondali (Dallupura). Sanitary Napkin Incinerators were installed in these places which would benefit 2500+ women in these areas. A Sanitary Napkin incinerator is a machine that uses the method of combustion to make the menstrual waste less harmful to the environment. It reduces the volume of waste and changes the nature of waste from solid to ash that can be disposed of more easily. 
This project will promote positive mindsets about menstruation through debunking myths surrounding menstruation. It will also equip menstruating women and girls with the knowledge of normal, abnormal, and alarming aspects of menstrual health.
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