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Ethiko and Cuddles Foundation to help children fight cancer

Ethiko has partnered with Cuddles Foundation, India’s only non-profit that helps children fight cancer with holistic nutrition. Most childhood cancers are curable. But in India, survival is challenging as approximately 40% of children with cancer are malnourished at diagnosis.
Malnutrition at diagnosis or/and during treatment in children with cancer can lead to a greater risk of infections, side effects, complications and treatment delays. The good news? According to research, 7 out of 10 children in India can survive cancer with the right nutrition during treatment.
Ethiko has created a meaningful offering by introducing its limited edition self-care box. With Cuddles Foundation as its charity partner, 50% of the funds from each of Ethiko’s self-care box purchases will be donated to Cuddles towards their #FoodHeals programme.
Cuddles Foundation’s Food Heals programme currently bridges the nutrition gap in children with cancer in 35 government and charity hospitals in 12 states across India by providing them with nutritional counseling, hot meals, nutritional supplements and monthly ration bundles. Through this offering, Ethiko and Cuddles Foundation plan to take a step further towards feeding the fight against childhood cancer and educating people about the process of better recovery through nutrition.
Ethiko has launched a digital campaign along with Cuddles Foundation encouraging its followers to support the cause. Every small donation matters as it helps the organisation provide children with a dedicated team of nutritionists and food to help them fight the disease.
Sonia Sahni, the founder of Ethiko, says, “As a values-driven company, we strive to make meaningful social partnerships toward issues that matter to our employees, customers and partners across the country. This campaign remains unwavering in its mission and vision to see a world for children that is cancer free. A child needs proper nutrition and a healthy diet to fight cancer.
Purity, sustainability, and respect for life are the pillars on which Ethiko is built.  We aim to make a better world for children, much like what we want to do with this campaign. As we seek support in the fight against cancer in children, we wanted to extend a special offering that would make you feel good, inside-out.”
“We need to create awareness about the role of nutrition in cancer treatment. Nutrition is essential to cure. To ensure that those battling childhood cancers get access to quality nutrition, it is imperative that we educate and support as many parents and children as possible. Through initiatives like Ethiko’s, we are able to spread the word, bring hope, and give every child with cancer a fighting chance at finding a cure”, says Purnota Dutta Bahl, CEO & Co-Founder, Cuddles Foundation.
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