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Elan Group Holds CSR Drive for Construction Workers and Their Families in Gurgaon

Elan Foundation, the CSR arm of commercial realty developer Elan Group, organized a sanitization & hygiene awareness campaign with distribution of blankets, hygiene care and clothes for onsite labourers and their families at Elan Miracle, Sector 84, Gurugram.
The CSR drive was organized in collaboration with Siddhi Philanthropic Foundation. The objective of the initiative was to mitigate the hardships faced by construction workers and their families as well as sensitize them on the importance of hygiene and sanitization amid COVID-19.
The CSR campaign sensitized the construction workers and their families on the significance of maintaining hygiene and sanitization to reduce the transmission risk of the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the drive, blankets and clothes were also distributed to help the construction workers brave the rapidly falling temperature.
Ravish Kapoor, Managing Director, Elan Group, said: “This is an unprecedented time when the onslaught of the cold weather and the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped us. It has led to a lot of hardships, especially for the marginalized section of society. The initiative is a part of our endeavour to extend our helping hand to the marginalized and make their lives brighter. Elan is committed to augmenting the efforts of bracing the battle against COVID-19 as well as the cold.”
The CSR initiative comes amid Gurugram witnessing frigid temperatures, with a maximum of 19 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius. Simultaneously, the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, albeit reporting a decline in average daily cases in Gurugram.
During the lockdown, the CSR arm of Elan Group had also bolstered humanitarian relief efforts by distributing one-month ration, masks and sanitizers, free of cost to over 2,000 labourers.

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