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Edtech: Sterlite Power’s EdIndia and MCGM Launch Virtual Training of 21,000 Teachers

As schools are shut across the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic, children in schools have lost their routines, spaces, social networks, and resources critical for learning. School shutdowns did not only cause disproportionate learning losses for these students—compounding existing gaps—but also led to dropouts. A three-day webinar was set-up to strengthen the capabilities of the teachers to identify appropriate digital tools and resources to deliver online lessons effectively.
Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) in collaboration with EdIndia Foundation, an edtech non-profit supported by Sterlite Power, ran the online training for 21,000 teachers. The training also focussed on sensitising teachers to the “New Normal” post-COVID and the need for the emotional and mental well-being of children when they return to studies after a long break. It also focused on helping children to mitigate emotional or mental vulnerabilities due to the lockdown.
Honourable Kishori Pednekar, Mayor of Mumbai talked about the hard work of teachers and welcomed everyone to the webinar. Anjali Naik, Chairperson, Education Committee and Ashutosh Salil, Joint Municipal Commissioner, MCGM also addressed the inaugural session.
Elaborating on the partnership with the municipality, Sonakshi Agarwal, Director, EdIndia, said: “We need to democratize access to quality education for all strata of the society. Today, technology plays a significant role in teachers’ professional development. I am very proud of our collaboration with MCGM for this training programme. It will help the teachers to embrace technology and make their teaching methods more effective for school children.”
EdIndia Foundation also provided access to its virtual learning Android App “Pragyan” for all MCGM teachers. The App has digital resources as per state syllabus and is a virtual classroom for teacher training.
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