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Ditch The Unhealthy Lifestyle And Avoid Irreversible Health Issues


As we are leading an almost sedentary lifestyle, we are prone a number of sicknesses and ailments. There has been a rise in the number of people suffering from a variety of health issues.

A recent survey was done on women’s awareness on health and critical illness. This was done in order to accelerate dialogue around various aspects of women being aware of their own health and wellness.

68% of women in metros feel that any physical activity/exercise is important in order to stay healthy. However, only 33% of women pay attention to their health, with women in metros having a major share. The survey sums up the high importance of physical activities amongst women and how there is a lack of awareness around the consequences.

Women aged between 22 – 45 years participated in the survey conducted by ICICI Lombard, showing they believe that regular health checkups are not as important. Astonishingly, 79% of the women respondents do medical checkups only once in two years. ‘Busy Lifestyle’ is a key excuse for women in metros to not take care, while, women in non-metro are under a pre-conceived notion (lack of knowledge) that they are fit.

Sedentary lifestyle, heavy work pressure, late working hours and poor eating habits were few among the many reasons which led to this rise. Speaking about critical illness – hypertension, breast cancer, cervical cancer and depression were the commonly known illnesses among the women in the metro cities.

“We wanted to understand how conscious women are about their own health. Even though women take charge of their personal and professional lives, they pay very little attention to their own health. The resultant survey throws light on the need for frequent health checkups for women to maintain a healthy and a balanced lifestyle,” says Sanjay Datta, Chief – Underwriting Claims and Reinsurance, ICICI Lombard.

A few other findings of the survey revealed that 88% states critical illness is increasing because of no exercise and only 6% of women have critical illness cover against 22% who have a health insurance.

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