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Denmark’s New Year Resolution: Eliminating Fossil-Fuel Powered Domestic Flights by 2030

The government of Denmark government has set a target of eliminating fossil fuel-powered domestic flights by 2030. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen remarked in her New Year’s address that she intended to “make flying green.”
Denmark has declared its intention to reduce overall carbon emissions by 70% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. PM Frederiksen said, “When other countries in the world are too slow, then Denmark must take the lead and raise the bar even more.” Green domestic flights would be tough to achieve, she noted, but researchers and firms were working on alternatives.
Sweden has also announced plans to eliminate fossil fuels from domestic flights by 2030. It also aspires to make international flights environmentally friendly by 2045. The administration there announced intentions to boost airport fees for high-polluting flights.
Meanwhile, France is considering banning domestic flights where the same route could be completed in less than two and a half hours by train.

Airbus Aims to Deliver Operational Hydrogen-Fueled Planes by 2035

Airbus SE, the European aircraft manufacturer has set a target to develop a hydrogen-powered airliner by 2035. The planemaker is likely to start with short- and medium-range planes before expanding, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Guillaume Faury. The company has however clarified with the EU officials that Globally, hydrogen-powered aircraft with more than 150 passengers are unlikely to appear until 2050.

Boeing Investing to Produce Sustainably Powered Aircraft by 2050

Boeing claims that the estimate made by Airbus to be able to produce a sustainable aircraft by 2035 seems unlikely. It believes that it could take up till 2050 to achieve the target.
The company is investing in scaling up the production of sustainable aircraft fuels through a partnership with SkyNRG. The Dutch firm is launching North American operations, having already struck a deal with Alaska Airlines.
Considering the fact that electric planes, such as the 19-seat jets that airlines like United Airlines and Mesa are investing in; can only travel short distances, it is up to Boeing and Airbus to make their large carriers 737 and A320 replacements, more sustainable.